Friday, May 29, 2009

Places trivia questions and answers.

What Nation's treasures include the Sistine Chapel?
A: Vatican City's.

Which extends further North- Japan, North Korea or turkey?
A: Japan.

What country can an Afghani escape to on the Khyber Pass?
A: Pakistan.

What two countries sandwich the dead sea?
A: Israel and Jordan.

What U.S. state is said to have as many cows as people?
A: Wisconsin.

What continent boasts the most telephone lines?
A: Europe.

What future Soviet republic produced one-half of the world's oil in 1901?
A: Azerbaijan.

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What African country is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique?
A: South Africa.

What's the only Central American country without a coastline on the Caribbean?
A: El Salvador.

What North American mountain range is an apt anagram for "o, man--ski country"?
A: Rocky Moutntians.

What city is headquarters for Zero Population Growth and the Impotence Institution of America?
A:Washington, DC.

What city boasts a Board of Trade that buy and sells half the world's wheat and corn?
A: Chicago.

What island boasts Mount Fuji?
A: Honshu.

What European country's most common last name is De Vries?
A: The Netherlands'.

What desert do Botswana, Namibia and South Africa have in common?
A: The Kalahari.

What U.S. state has the highest percentage of residents born in other countries?
A: California.

How many U.S. states are named after a president>?
A: One.

What's the world's highest island mountain?
A: Mauna Kea.

What was the only country still building steam locomotives in 1990?
A: China.

Which two European countries lead the world n wine consumption pr capita?
A: France and Italy.

What was the world's highest man-made structure for 4,000 years before being passed by the central tower of Lincoln Cathedral?
A: The Great Pyramid of Cheops.

What western state is less than thrilled to be known as the "Vermin State"?
A: New Mexico.

What's the only South American country that has both a Pacific and a Caribbean coast?
A: Colombia.

What interstate highway connects Boston and Seattle?
A: I-90.

What state boasts all or part of the ten largest American Indian reservations?
A: Arizona.

What Canadian city's name means "muddy water"?
A: Winnipeg's.

What desert did David Livingstone have to cross to reach Lake Ngami?
A: The Kalahari.

What country sent out 15,000 census workers to count its homeless population, in 1990?
A: The U.S.

What do Americans call the Huang Ho, China's second-longest river?
A: The Yellow River.

What Russian republic has its capital in Grozny?
A: Chechnya.

What state made the U.S. the fourth largest country in land mass in 1959?
A: Alaska.

What state does the Yellowstone River rise in?
A: Wyoming.

What island has endured Mount Etna's wrath over 140 times?
A: Sicily.

How many months per year do residents of Tromso, Norway go without seeing a sunset?
A: Three.

What Memphis mansion was opened to the public in 1982?
A: Graceland.

What U.S. state gave the world Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Mahalia Jackson and Jelly Roll Morton?
A: Louisiana.

What country is central to the books Out of Africa and The Green Hills of Africa?
A: Kenya.

What country boasts the world's highest paid national legislators?
A: The U.S..

What southwestern U.S. state adopted the bola tie as its official state neckwear?
A: Arizona.

What $325 million chateau was finished for Louis XIV of France in 1682?
A: Versailles.

What southeastern state boasts the cities of Frog Jump, Only, and Sweet Lips?
A: Tennessee.

What Mississippi town name provides the answer to the Arizona town of Why?
A: Why Not.

What European country sells an amazing 550 million one-pound cans of Heinz Baked Beans, or ten per citizen, each year?
A: Britain.

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What eastern town is home for a service academy and the U.S. Silver Depository?
A: West Point.

What ancient African country did the Greeks name for the "sunburnt faces" of its natives.
A: Ethiopia.

What's the only remaining European territory on the South American continent?
A: French Guiana.

What nation of over 7,000 islands has two-thirds of its popyulation living on Luzon and Mindanao?
A: The Philippines.

What country receives 26 percent of all Saudi Exports?
A: The U.S..

What Massachusetts spot is hyped as " America's Hometown"?
A: Plymouth.

What biblical place name means "pleasure"?
A: Eden.

What preceded Tokyo as the capital of Japan?
A: Kyoto.

What nation boasts the cities of Go Cong, Play Cu, Dong Ha and Ha Dong?
A: Vietnam.

What two U.S. cities have the same name, are the largest cities in their states, but are not state capitals?
A: Portland, Oregon, and Portland , Maine.

What U.S. state was named after chaste Queen Elizabeth I?
A: Virginia.

What Southwestern state are you standing in if you ring a doorbell in Ding Dong?
A: Texas.

What continent is Greenland a part of?
A: North America.

What southern U.S. state boasts the town of Stellite Beach?
A: Florida.

What country was created in 1920 from the remains of the Hapsburg Empire?
A: Austria.

What do Southerners call ground hominy with the germ removed?
A: Grits.

What Arab nation has the highest percentage of Christans?
A: Lebanon.

What U.S. state gets raked by the most tornadoes annually?
A: Texas.

What city does the Bible call the City of David.
A: Jerusalem.

What two U.S. states went to court in 1996 over ownership of historic Ellis Island?
A: New York and New Jersey.

What ice cream factory is the number one tourist attraction in Vermont?
A: Ben & Jerry's.

What Nebraska city outlawed burping in churches?
A: Omaha.

Which city is farthest west - San Diego, Reno, or Los Angeles.
A: Reno.

What island calls itself the Republic of China?
A: Taiwan.

What's the only state whose official state song was composed for a Broadway musical?
A: Oklahoma.

What outfit is known as the Red Crescent in Muslim nations?
A: The Red Cross.

What foreign company's Tennessee factory is the largest single auto plant in the U.S.?
A: Nissan's.

What Florida city's name translates to "mouth of the rat" because of it's toothy inlet?
A: Boca Raton's.

What Italian city had the Roman name Mediolanum?
A: Milan.

What New England state would be home if you laid down roots in Bald Head?
A: Maine.

What 4,588-mile dune-laden expanse did Choi Jong-yul say he walked across "because it was there"?
A: The Sahara Desert.

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What country is bordered by Algeria, Niger, Chad, Egypt, Sudan and Tunidida?
A: Libya.

What Asian country boasts the largest Muslim population in the world?
A: Indonesia.

What academy is sometimes dubbed "Canoe U."?
A: The U.S. Naval Academy.

What U.S. state has an official commonwealth folk song written by resident Arlo Guthrie?
A: Massachusetts.

What island was Abel Tasman the first European to land on, in 1642?
A: Tasmania.

What African country's name is from the Latin for "free"?
A: Liberia's.

What republic is sandwiched between Lithuania and Estonia?
A: Latvia.

What's the only U.S. state to share a border with one of Canada's Maritime Provinces?
A: Maine.

What Central American nation flies a flag with one blue and one red star?
A: Panama.

What 1994 U.S. event was tagged pas le Big One by French journalists?
A: The Los Angeles earthquake.

What Australian geological wonder has an aboriginal name that means "great pebble"?
A: Ayers Rock.

Which of the seven wonders of the ancient world was demolished by an earthquake in 224 B.C.?
A: The Colossus of Rhodes.

What country is home to 21 percent of the world's people?
A: China.

What are painted bright yellow and left out for public use on the streets of Portland, Oregon?
A: Bicycles.

What southern city did Andrew Jackson name for one on the Nile River?
A: Memphis.

What city, founded in 1550 by Sweden's King Gustav Vasa, was first called Helsingfors?
A: Helsinki.

What country's auto identification letters are KWT?
A: Kuwait's.

What strife-torn African nation boasts a world high of 8.3 births per female?
A: Rwanda.

What Asian county's women's magazine Non Non is its bestseller?
A: Japan's.

What's the world's largest desert, as determined by the least precipitation?
A: The Antarctic.

What's a German sign reading "Rauchen verboten" telling you not to do?
A: Smoke.

What U.S. state boasts a difference of 20,320 feet between its highest and lowest points?
A: Alaska.

What Boston green space, founded in 1634, is the oldest park in the U.S.?
A: The Boston Common.

What New Orleans soup has a name derived from the Bantu word for okra?
A: Gumbo.

What country is bordered by Austria, France, Slovenia and Switzerland?
A: Italy.

What city was the site of the last Moorish Kingdom in Spain?
A: Granada.

Ehat interstate highway connects Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, to San Francisco?
A: I-80.

What Pacific atoll got its name from its location between the Americas and Asia?
A: The Midway Islands.

What Tuscan city do Italians know as Firenze?
A: Florence.

What Canadian province got its name from the Iroquois word guilibek, meaning "place where waters narrow"?
A: Quebec.

What country's farthest southern and northern points are Land's End and John o' Groats, respectively?
A: Britain's.

What New York City landmark is the largest movie theater in the U.S.?
A: Radio City Music Hall.

What's the world's longest road, running from Texas to Valparaiso, Chile?
A: The Pan-American Highway.

What $7.2 million purchase did one senator call "an awful lot of ice for an awful lot of dollars," in 1867?
A: Alaska.

What European capital's Potsdamer Platz was busy enough to warrant the world's first traffic light?
A: Berlin's.

What was the most populous state in the U.S. for the last time in 1800?
A: Virginia.

What Nepalese city name means "wooden temples"?
A: Katmandu.

What Egyptian city was built up during the Middle Ages from limestone stripped off the exterior of the Great Pyramid?
A: Cairo.

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What Yukon mining district was the site of the 1890s gold rush?
A: The Klondike.

What Texas city along Route 66 got its name from the Spanish word for yellow?
A: Amarillo.

What two republics make up the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia?
A: Montenegro and Serbia.

What Scandinavian country last fought in a war in 1814?
A: Sweden.

What U.S. state's public golf courses have the highest average green fees?
A: Hawaii's.

What former Soviet republic joined Russia as one of the world's ten largest countries?
A: Kazakhstan.

What Arab country's national dish is a soup called fool?
A: Egypt's.

What continent are you on if you're lost in the eastern tip of Egypt?
A: Asia.

What continent has the fewest flowering plants?
A: Antarctica.

What country lies on the western side of the Iberian Peninsula?
A: Portugal.

What volatile nation was the first Caribbean country to gain independence?
A: Haiti.

What barnyard animal utterance is known in France as groin groin?
A: Oink-Oink.

What southern state capital got its name for being the terminus of the Western & Atlantic Railroad?
A: Atlanta.

What desert's name was inspired by the array of colors that erosion has exposed there?
A: The Painted Desert's.

What Berlin landmark had lost over 60 tons in shipments to the U.S. by 1990?
A: The Berlin Wall.

What was the biggest city in America until 1755?
A: Boston.

What U.S. city had three of the world's five tallest man-made structures in 1994?
A: Chicago.

What cave mammals inspired some folks to dub Nebraska the "Bug-eating State"?
A: Bats.

What Asian country has the world's lowest amount of urban green space per person?
A: Japan.

What country went metric to join the European Community, but kept the pint for use in pubs and for milk?
A: Britain.

What two cities are connected by the busiest international airline route?
A: London and Paris.

What Spanish port city was founded by Carthaginian general Hamilcar Barca?
A: Barcelona.

What Bengal nation lost 300,000 people to a cyclone and a tidal wave in 1970?
A: Bangladesh.

What desert has an area larger than the continental U.S.?
A: The Sahara.

What river was designated the U.S.-Mexican border in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
A: The Rio Grande.

What city's garbage collectors are honored by a street called Avenue of the Strongest?
A: New York City's.

What wonder of the ancient world did Babylonians refer to as the "House of the Foundations of Heaven and Earth"?
A: The Tower of Babel.

What country was Berlin part of when it passed one million in population?
A: Prussia.

What's Rome's Piazza San Pietro known as in English?
A: St. Peter's Square.

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What West African nation's name means "lion mountain"?
A: Sierra Leone's.

What U.S. state would you be in if you made the short trip from Citronelle to Tangerine?
A: Florida.

What state is home to a huge hunk of granite called The Dan Blocker Memorial Head?
A: Texas.

What's the world's second largest archipelago, after Indonesia?
A: The Philippines.

What's Canada's largest inland sea?
A: Hudson Bay.

What nation has had a monarchy the longest?
A: Japan.

What Great Lake state are you stuck in if your car has broken down in Hell?
A: Michigan.

What Italian city is considered "the fashion captial of the world"?
A: Milan.

What British town got its name from its proximity to the Cam River?
A: Cambridge.

What western state answers Pamplona's Running of the Bulls with its own annual Running of the Shieep?
A: Montana.

What's the southernmost country in Central America?
A: Panama.

What ocean are the Maldives in?
A: The Indian Ocean.

What two countries lay claim to the name Maclean?
A: Scotland and Ireland.

What body of water is approximately nine times saltier than ocean water?
A: The Dead Sea.

What U.S. state's official fish is the humuhumunukunukuapuaa?
A: Hawaii's

What island country is visited by the most cruise ships?
A: The Bahamas.

What capital has a name meaning "city of Islam"?
A: Islamabad.

What two U.S. states are readily accessible from a border town called Moark?
A: Missouri and Arkansas.

What did Puritans dub "Rogues Island"?
A: Rhode Island.

What Alpine country's women got the right to vote in 1971?
A: Switzerland's.

What U.S. state legislated the pronunciation of its name in 1881, to accent the first and third syllables and quiet the final "s"?
A: Arkansas.

What U.S. state do Knickerbockers knock around in?
A: New York.

Which is further south - the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn or Cape Catastrophe?
A: Cape Horn.

What 120,000-square-mile African desert is almost completely covered by woods and grass?
A: The Kalahari.

What country managed to reduce its vodka consumption from 2.6 billion liters in 1984 to just 1.6 billion in 1990?
A: The Soviet Union.

What city did Sigmund Freud call home?
A: Vienna.

What bay do Royal Bengal tigers most often swim in?
A: The Bay of Bengal.

What Asian nation was not invaded by enemy forces between 1275 and 1944?
A: Japan.

What central African state boasts a big "R" in the middle of its flag?
A: Rwanda.

What's the most popular honeymoon destination outside the contiguous 48 states for U.S. couples, according to Modern Bride?
A: Hawaii.

What Kentucky tourist attraction's entrance was allegedly discovered by a hunter while tracking a wounded bear?
A: Mammoth Cave's.

What three European countries formed an economic union called Benelux in 1958?
A: Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands.

What's the only U.S. state never to have banned prostitution?
A: Nevada.

What do Texas beef partisans call "wool on a stick"?
A: Lamb.

What mountain range's name is Sanskrit for "abode of snow"?
A: The Himalayas'.

What country boasts the world's oldest active brewery, dating back to 1040 A.D,.?
A: Germany.

What's the main mode of transport for the nomads who make up half of Somalia's population?
A: Camel.

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What Western Hemisphere people spoke Nahuatl?
A: The Aztecs.

What U.S. state was once called West New Jersy?
A: Pennsylvania.

What city is home to the busiest stock exchange?
A: Tokyo.

What Central American country is bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica?
A: Nicaragua.

What Minnesota town boasts an annual celebration called Wrong Day?
A: Wright.

What two nations are alluded to in the first line of the Marine Hymn?
A: Mexico, Libya.

What's the only U.S. state to border Maine?
A: New Hampshire.

What peppery spice shares its name with the capital of French Guiana?
A: Cayenne.

What two countries border the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere?
A: Argentina and Chile.

What country in Eastern Europe has a name that means "people from Rome"?
A: Romania.

What South American country comes last alphabetically?
A: Venezuela.

What U.K. principality has its capital in Cardiff?
A: Wales.

What two countries are separated by the Tortilla Curtain?
A: Mexico and the U.S.

What Great Lake state has more shoreline than the entire U.S. Atlantic seaboard?
A: Michigan.

What mountains do the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Indus rivers begin in?
A: The Himalayas.

What nation will need an estimated 4,300 years to remove the 10 million land mines left there by the Soviet Army?
A: Afghanistan.

What U.S. state has the most unemployed dancers?
A: Nevada.

What was dedicated in 1982 when veteran Ian Scruggs said: "Thank you America...for finally remembering us"?
A: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

What nation boasts northern towns called Resolute, Eureka and Alert?
A: Canada.

What river do Mexicans call Rio Bravo?
A: The Rio Grande.

What was the city of Edo renamed in 1869?
A: Tokyo.

What European museum opened a controversial metal-and-glass pyramid entrance in 1989?
A: The Louvre.

What major city is close to the middle of the Iberian Peninsula?
A: Madrid.

What country is bordered on the west by Germany and on the est by Ukraine and Belarus?
A: Poland.

Which northwestern state borders only two other states?
A: Washington.

What European city decided new names were in order for Foul Lane, Stinking Lane and Bladder Street?
A: London.

What African republic's name was inspired by its thriving elephant tusk trade?
A: Ivory Coast's.

What country is second to South Africa in gold production?
A: The U.S.

What southern U.S. state has no telephones in 12 percent of its households.?
A: Mississippi.

What river provided water to nurture the Hangin Gardens of Babylon?
A: The Euphrates.

What European country boasts the cities of Kalamata, Katerinin and Kilkis?
A: Greece.

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What meat will you eat after you point to reinsdyrkaker on an Oslo menu?
A: Reindeer.

Where in Massachusetts is the only island, county and town in the U.S. that share the same name?
A: Nantucket.

What favorite hangout of divers extends for 1,250 miles off Australia's northeast coast?
A: The Great Barrier Reef.

What river system drains water from 31 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces?
A: The Mississippi River.

What Asian people traditionally believe there to be a toad on the moon, instead of a man?
A: The Cineese.

What 200-block section of Miami is considered the best place to dance the merengue or dine on roast goat?
A: Little Haiti.

What English-speaking Caribbean island has a Spanish name meaning "Bearded"?
A: Barbados.

What Peruvian city was the capital of the Spanish empire in the New World until the 19th century?
A: Lima.

What country supplies three-quarters of the world's maple syrup?
A: Canada.

What Asian surname is shared by 104 million people?
A: Chang.

What nation in the Western Hemisphere is the world's largest exporter of forest products?
A: Canada.

What Arab city has a name derived from a word meaning "sanctuary"?
A: Mecca.

What San Francisco fixture is a favorite jumping-off point for an average of 14 people a year?
A: The Golden Gate Bridge.

What's the acronym for the South Western Townships near Johannesburg?
A: Soweto.

What state can you get tourist information on by dialing 1-800-BUCKEYE?
A: Ohio.

What country's holidays include Discovery Day, Natal Day and Fete Nationale?
A: Canada's.

What European city is served by Keflavik Airport?
A: Reykjavik.

What bridge did New York City's first subway system travel from 145th street to?
A: The Brooklyn Bridge.

What's the southernmost state capital among the 48 contiguous states?
A: Austin.

What Ohio city's thriving hog industry earned it the nickname "Porkopolis" in the 1830s?
A: Cincinnati's.

What Paris landmark did con man Victor Lustig sell to a metal dealer for $50,000?
A: The Eiffel Tower.

What country provides Cuba with most of its new cars and computers in exchange for sugar?
A: Japan.

What country boasts Great Glen, Glen Eagles and Glenfiddich?
A: Scotland.

What two Hungarian towns on either side of the Danube merged in 1872?
A: Buda and Pest.

What winter celebration calls for lighting red, green and black candles in the Kinara?
A: Kwanza.

What's Latvia's largest minority ethnic group?
A: Russians.

What country sends the highest percentage of 15- and 16-year-olds to the altar?
A: The U.S.

How many expressways did China's drivers have to choose from, in 1992?
A: Zero.

What southern city is famous for its "Beale Street Blues"?
A: Memphis.

What's the only U.S. state that serves all of its residents with water systems that have violated the Safe Drinking Water Act?
A: New Jersey.

What British Commonwealth nation has the most people driving on the right side of the road?
A: Canada.

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What two African rivers did Henry Stanley prove were not connected?
A: The Congo and the Nile.

What infamous Beijing square has a name that ironically means "Gate of Heavenly Peace"?
A: Tiananmen Square.

How are you traveling in Africa if you've rented a rakumi?
A: By camel.

Which of the Great Lkes does not lap Canadian shores?
A: Lake Michigan.

What's the third-largest continent in square miles?
A: North America.

What European country uses its Latin name, Helvetia, on its stamps.
A: Switzerland.

What East African country's annual four percent population growth rate is the world's highest?
A: Kenya's.

What town name did Missouri's postmaster come up with when residents asked for something "sort of peculiar"?
A: Peculiar.

What South American country elected as its president Alberto ?Fujimori, the son of Japanese immigrants, in 1990?
A: Peru.

What U.S. state had the first 7-Eleven stores?
A: Texas.

What sea laps the shores of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan?
A: The Aral Sea.

What Central American country has its capital in Tegucigalpa?
A: Honduras.

What country calls its expressways autostrada?
A: Italy.

What Great Plains state are you stuck in if you're out of gas in Gas?
A : Kansas.

What African country is serviced by Jan Smuts International Airport?
A :South Africa.

What Arizona city was so named because it rose from the ruins of a Native American town?
A: Phoenix.

How may years did Britain lease Hong Kong for?
A: Ninety-nine.

What country boasts the towns of Barnstaple, Fishguard and Holyhead?
A: Britain.

What U.S. state grabs the most money from domestic tourists, double that of Hawaii?
A: Nevada.

What eastern European country's name is a Slavonic word meaning "plain dwellers"?
A: Poland's.

What fish is called "finnan haddie" when smoked in Scotland?
A: Haddock.

What Southeast Asian city did the U.S. open an embassy in, in 1995?
A: Hanoi.

What mountains are home to the entertainment world's Borscht Belt?
A: The Catskills.

What's the southernmost nation on the Balkan Peninsula?
A: Greece.

What city has been the center of the U.S. oil industry since 1901?
A: Houston.

What country is only bordered by Spain?
A: Portugal.

What Frenchman designed the national flag of Italy?
A: Napoleon.

What valley separates East Africa from the remainder of the continent?
A: The Great Rift Valley.

What Milanese opera house has a name meaning "The Stairs" in Italian?
A: La Scala.

What continent is cut into two fairly equal halves by the Tropic of Capricorn?
A: Australia.

What nation has the longest school year?
A: Japan.

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What storied Sudanese city's name means "elephant's trunk"?
A: Khartoum's.

What title would you hold in Germany if townsfolk addressed you as Burgermeister?
A: Mayor.

What Scandinavian country are you in if you're vacationing in Hell?
A: Norway.

What's squid cooked in if you order calamare en su tinta at a Spanish restaurant?
A: Its ink.

What U.S. state pays its governor the most money?
A: New York.

What state grew to become the second most populous in the U.S. , by 1994?
A: Texas.

What tourist state leads the U.S. in booze consumption per capita?
A: Nevada.

What city do Saudis cal Makkah?
A: Mecca.

What continent has the most countries represented in the U.N.?
A: Africa.

What do residents of Bunyol, Spain, throw at each other during the LA Tomatina Festival?
A: Tomatoes.

What Spanish islands are Gomera, Hierro and Lanzarote a part of?
A: The Canary Islands.

What nation has 1,000 permanent inhabitants and produces no export goods?
A: Vatican City.

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