Friday, May 29, 2009


Through which organ does the body absorb most alcohol?
(ca: Stomach)
Which beverage is consumed most in the United States?
(ca: Milk)
How many pints of Guiness beer are being consumed worldwide on St. Patrick's Day alone?
(ca: About 11 million)
As of 1999 how old is oldest human skeleton, found in Aramis Ethiopia, named Ardipithecus Ramidus?
(ca: 4.4 million years old)
What does MFP on toothpaste stand for?
(ca: Maximum Fluoride Protection) How heavy is 'Big Ben', the bell in the tower of the British House of Parliament?
(ca: 13 tons)
Dr. Seuss tried hard during his earlier years finding a publisher for his now famous book. How many publishers had declined, until one accepted?
(ca: twenty-three)
In which country will you find the Automobile city 'Togliatti'?
(ca: Russia) What is so special about the ten-letter word 'typewriter'?
(ca: Only ten-letter word typed on the top keyboard)
What special name is given to the form of chess in which players are unaware of the each other's moves?
(ca: Kriegspiel)
During World War I what was the brand name of lighter most often used by the American Troops?
(ca: The Smoke Stone)
What two animals appear on the Mexican flag?
(ca: Snake and Eagle)
During the Apollo 17 mission, what were the command and lunar module known as?
(ca: America and Challenger)
In which country was the world's first fire and plague insurance sold in 1151?
(ca: Iceland)
Which part of a chicken, in 'Old English' is called 'Marrythought'?
(ca: The Wishbone)
Which color was associated with Chinese Emperors, with all their clothing and surroundings being done in it?
(ca: Yellow)
What was the year when Mickey Mouse made his acting debut?
(ca: 1928)

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